martes, marzo 21, 2006

Mr Brightside - The Killers

Im comin out of my cage
and ive been doin just fine
gotta gotta be down because i want it all
started out with a kiss
how did it end up like this
it was only a kiss it was only a kiss
now im fallin asleep
and she's callin a cab
while he's havin a smoke
and she's taking a drag
now their goin to bed
and my stomach is sick
and it's all in my head
but she's touching his
chest now
he takes off her dress
now let me go
I just can't look
it's killin me
and taking control

turning saints into the sea
turing trought sick lullabies
choking on your alabis
but it's just the price i pay
destiny is calling
me open up my eager eyes
cause Im Mr. Brightside
(After you reapet that)
I never
I never
I never


viernes, marzo 17, 2006

Molly�s Escort Service

come on baby!